Mind vs. Heart

March 23, 2011
By , brooklyn, NY
Seems the mind thinks he knows everything. Everything is all he thinks about. Mind can never give heart a chance. Heart has all the right words but Mind never listens. Heart gets angry with Mind. Mind also has rage towards Heart. As they contradict each other on everything, they become unaware of how it is treating Body. Body is being harmed by the fighting between Mind and Heart. To others, Body appears weak. It is actually Mind and Heart that are weak. They cannot cooperate. As Mind may write cries for help, he isn’t listening to Heart as he writes. Words do not come out correctly if Heart isn’t included. Others become offended by these words. If Heart and Mind could speak for themselves then people would understand. True emotions would flurry. Instead the contest between Heart and Mind creates controversy. Heart and Mind will never become one. They will never agree, causing the entire body to suffer for it.

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