I saw a prince once...

April 10, 2011
By , Wilmington, DE
I saw a prince once.
We do not stay and talk, but our eyes meet across an infinite space. A light blue shade seem to draw me closer. My mouth falls slightly ajar, wishing desperately to cry out fantastic words of frenzy. But it soon closes, signaling obedience.
A million thoughts, a million hopeless dreams fluttering through my brain. An everlasting buzz of excitement drowning out all other tedious ideas.
I am focused. It will happen! I tell myself it will happen. I stand triumphant for a moment. A quick curve in the side of mouth appears. I stare back at him to meet his vibrant gaze.
More items pop out; items never even recognized before now. I am an explorer, a pioneer, a lover at last! The stubble on his cheeks produce a fluttering inside me.
I laugh, though I know not of the reason. Two objects protrude from his face. The shape, the smooth texture. I sit dumbfounded for a moment before I even realize what they are.
Since when do ears make a person feel giddy? Since when do I even look at them?
My pulse quickens and sweat seeps through my pores. Again my mouth opens - this time confident in my goals. Just as the vibrations begin deep form inside me, he looks away.
I now lay in bed, yearning for another moment in time, but I am realistic. My brain tells my eyes to give up the search, however they continue to dart around like nervous children in a crowd.
I vehemently wish to cry, but I fear that I do not remember how. Time passes and it makes no difference. An endless stream of champagne bubbles float through me, yet there is nothing to celebrate.
I saw a prince once, I guess I should be happy.

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