The Fighter

April 11, 2011
By Kennedyy BRONZE, Joplin, Missouri
Kennedyy BRONZE, Joplin, Missouri
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My mom and I walk into that hospital room knowing that when we leave in a few days, everything will change. We both know that Levi (12), Kasey (15), and Megan (20) lifes will never be the same. My mom lost her mom at the young age of 13, to the tragedy of cancer. Now she is balling her eyes out as we are on the long 5 hour journey to the hospital, knowing that those 3 kids will have to experience the same thing due to the lifetaking skin cancer. We walk in, seeing the wetness under everyones eyes...we know she won't last much longer. A path clears so we can make our way to the side of her bed. My mom manages to talk, trying to choke back all the tears she can. Its now my turn, I say "I love you..soo much.",i get back barely " I love you too". I kiss her on the forehead, and slowly step back. We take a place mostly in the back so her kids can spend all the time they can with her. We just stand there, I think to myself "what if this was me?", which just makes me break down even more. I slowly step out the back hoping for some fresh air without so many people. There was a little room set off to the side of the hospital room arranged just for us. So my brother and I went in there to relax, and to get some quiet time. Levi manages to slip away, and comes to sit by me. He was a mess, and he whispers " I'm gonna miss my momma so much!". I just wanted to go climb in a hole and ball my eyes out. It was so sad to see someone of that age experienceing that. especially when she was my moms best friend, all of her life. We spend the night that night, expecting to lose one member of our family that night. Kasey and I sleep in a chair together, barely managing to get 4 hours of sleep. I can tell there is a sudden worried look on her face, we walk back to her room. Just praying that she is okay, and let's just say god is GREAT! And she is a great fighter. My and I both knew that we couldn't handle another day of just hoping she would make it just a little longer. We decide to head home. We finally make it in the middle of the night. Goodnews kept coming for a little while until....the second morning we were home, the news came that she hadn't made it. We were devastated, she sure was a fighter!

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