WANTED: Mr. Right

March 31, 2011
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You asked me who you have to be to be my “perfect guy.”
This is who he is.
He loves Christ over me, and would give up anything to serve Him. He wants to serve Christ with his life, whether through ministry or just in general. He never lets people around him use God’s name in vain, and chooses his friends wisely. When my world is caving in, he’s my knight in shining armor coming to the rescue. He is sweet, and charming. He brings me flowers when it’s raining and tells me jokes when I’m in a horrible mood. When my day has been awful, he doesn’t try to explain it away; he listens and tells me that it’s going to be ok, even when I’m convinced that it won’t. He loves my laugh, and the way I roll my eyes. He would stay with me until the end of time, through all the good times, and through the numerous bad ones as well. He hates it when I’m sad, and would do anything to keep me from staying sad. When I’m upset about something that someone has said to me, he reminds me what God thinks of me, and how He is the only one I should be trying to please. He doesn’t care about what people think because he would rather be ridiculed than displease God. He reads his Bible and sends me texts telling me about awesome verses that he just read. He never pretends to be anything but himself. He convinces me to think outside the box and try new things. He loves it when I write songs, even when they aren’t about him. He forgives me when I say stupid things. He never yells at me, or is rude. He teases me mercilessly, but only in love. He loves to take walks in the park, and is an avid reader. He encourages me to chase my dreams, and plans them out with me and tries to make them a reality. He never laughs at my ideas, even when they are idiotic. He comes to all of my concerts whenever he can, and never gets tired of listening to me sing, even when I mess up over and over again. He doesn’t think that even the corny things I do are lame, he thinks that they are a great way to express who I am. He loves my family with a passion, and on occasion would rather play with my little sister over me. He listens to Christian music, and isn’t afraid to pump up some Lecrae in his car, with the windows down. He opens doors for me. When I’m sick, he brings me mango smoothies and comic books. When I’m tired, he doesn’t get upset if I don’t want to talk to him anymore that evening, he tells me that he is praying for me and lets me go to sleep. He is mature, but still knows how to have fun. He laughs a lot, but not at other people’s expense. When he sees a need in his church or community, he immediately volunteers to help, realizing that Christ would have done the same. He would do anything to prevent my heart from getting broken again. He wants the best for me, not the best for him. He loves to play with kids, especially ones who don’t have a great role model. He is respectful to my parents and to all adults in his life. If my parents told him to back off, and wait a couple of months before pursuing me, he would wait for me. He doesn’t enjoy it when I’m gone, but puts up with it, and doesn’t give up on me. When I have doubts, and when I am not sure that it will work out, he doesn’t chew me out, he loves me through my insecurities. He calls me beautiful, not hot. He doesn’t care if I have makeup on, he would think I was pretty even if I looked like 300 miles of bad road. Overall, he doesn’t love me for who he wants me to be, or for who I could be. He loves me for who I am-who God made me to be.

This is who my “Mr. Right” is.
I’m not changing this, and I’m not settling for anything less.

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