So Called Best Friendship

March 24, 2011
By Anonymous

Recently my so called "best friend" did something very hurtful to me. Not only did she do it but she lied about it to my face and spread lies about me. She stole my phone and lied to my boyfriend about the things I did behind his back. I never once did anything to her and I gave her several chances to come clean about what she had done.
One day when we were in the library lookin and prom dresses I left my my phone on the desk while I went to pick up something from the printer. I left her with my phone and my other stuff, before I got back the bell had rung for the next period to begin. I went to go get my things and my phone was missing. I didnt think she would have it because like I said I thought she was my best friend. I asked her anyways just in case she took it for safe keeping. However when I asked her she said no without any trace of a lie on her face.
That following monday she told me she got a new phone and when I saw it I realized it was my phone. I didnt know what to do so i asked her non chalantly if it was my phone. Once again she lied. Strike two. I didnt want to confront her so i went to security and told them the following day she got questioned and I didnt press charges I didnt even want her to get in trouble but she still got 10 days OSS. I eventually got my phone back but lost a friend. Facts of life I guess... She is now telling people that I sold her my brand new phone and that I cheat on my boyfriend. I've been with my boyfriend for almost a year. I would like to know why she did this but I don't think thats an answer I'll ever get. Am I wrong to be mad at my so called "best friend"

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