How Does A Girl Just Move On?

March 24, 2011
By sopranoobaby BRONZE, Fort Mill, South Carolina
sopranoobaby BRONZE, Fort Mill, South Carolina
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"It's hard to answer 'what's wrong?' when nothing is right."

How can you just forgive and forget as the saying goes? Is it really that easy to move on if something traumatic has occurred in your life? What if you were cheated on multiple times? Had two people you knew well commit suicide? What about being a part of the typical disfunctional family? How about if you’ve lost close friends to drama? Family members to death? What if the person that means the most to you is leaving for the military? You must fight urges to inflict more pain on yourself than is already there?

If you’re like me, the majority of these things you can relate to, because they are very cliche events. I guarantee you that I have a few you can not even imagine what it must feel like. Try to though. Attempt to think about it. Pretend you’re in the situation, just for a moment.

Picture being behind the wheel of a car, having a good time. You hear someone scream “OH S***!” then turn your head quickly. You see yourself driving straight towards another car. Then….Darkness.

Or this one…Standing on the side of a main road in town with streams of tears falling from your eyes. Everything is hazy, it seems like time has never gone by so slow. All you want is to jump of the bridge that is just a few feet when you see the man you hit being rushed to the helicopter on a stretcher with a trachea in his chest.

Waiting anxiously for days to hear how the man is, yet you receive no news. So you continue to wait… Curiosity building.

Facing your peers as they have a million questions. Telling your story over and over again. Feeling yourself slip a little farther from happiness each and every time.

Here goes the worst. Getting in the car after an actually decent day and being told the man you hit is dead. He’s not injured. Not doing better. Dead. I truly wish I could explain that feeling. It’s honestly indescribable. I’ve never felt so awful in my entire life.

I had the perfect life. So what happened? My life is hell now. And so I ask myself, how does a girl just move on?

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