March 21, 2011
All you want is to be left alone, instead of going home after what seemed like a zillion hour bus ride, you take a detour to the creek. You sit on the bridge like you used to in the summers past, you remember the cool water running through you toes, instantly your shoes are off and you relax. You take a second to look around and notice that it is the most beautiful day you’ve actually noticed in a long time. Imagine a gorgeous, vibrant day with a slight breeze that smells like autumn. You are alone, but the whistle of the wind keeps you company as if whispering secrets to you. After your long crappy day, this is just want you needed, peace. You take a deep breath, you can’t help it but the tears come and keeping coming like the flowing stream.
You wish you had someone to talk to, but all of your friends had made the cheer squad when you hadn’t. Devastated, you just cry and cry, wishing you could just die so you wouldn’t have to go to school the next day humiliated. After finally calming down you say, “I wish I was good at something…I wish I was special”. Then suddenly you hear a voice softly speak into your ear, “You are special”, you turn around to find no one, “oh great, now I’m crazy” you mutter to yourself, and take the long walk home.
A couple days go by and you just can’t cheer up, your mom get’s sick of this and drags you to a tumbling class at the rec. center. You through a few passes for the coach and they are amazed how great of you tumbler you are, and are astonished when you tell them you hadn’t made the school team. They immediately get a great big smile of their worn out face and say, “Will you join our cheer squad?” You look down and mutter through you teeth, “Do I have to tryout?” They reply, “You just did! Practice is Tuesday and Thursday, looking forward to see you there!” At last, accomplishment, someone recognized your talent, you are special.

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