Boy Crazy

March 21, 2011
By backflipgirl723 SILVER, Highland, Utah
backflipgirl723 SILVER, Highland, Utah
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Most boys would never believe what a girl will do to get a cute boys attention, I was like a prisoner dressed in bright orange trying to hide from the police staring right at him. I’m sure he knew I was inevitably in love with him, but I was so greatly blinded by love that I couldn’t see that.
Like every other tween girl I practiced my signature with his last name in my diary every night, I looked forward to the one class I had with him and stopped by the bathroom before to make sure I looked as cute as ever. Since my seat was conveniently placed right behind his I got to stare at his perfect brown locks all class period without looking particularly suspicious. Every chance I got I asked this gorgeous boy for the answer, even if I knew it just to strike up a conversation.
We eventually exchanged cell phone numbers, much to my joy, and became texting buddies. Either one of us with start the conversation with a lame, “Hey”, it would proceed to be, “Hey, what’s up”, “Not much, you”, and so on when finally the question was popped, my phone seemed to dance with excitement when he asked, “Who do you like?” Every time I read those four words on my cheap cell phone screen I’m sure I got the biggest, cheesiest smile a twitter pated young girl could express. Of course I was too shy to tell him the obvious truth, so replied with a “no one, you?” Unfortunately, he didn’t have an older sister that taught him that girls always like a boy, and when they say “no one” it means they like Y-O-U. He would then return with the name of some unbelievably beautiful girl that flirted with him way to much at lunch. Heartbroken, I would say in my mind sarcastically, “CUTE!” This went on for several weeks when finally that girl that flirted with him too much at lunch was me, we liked each other for a couple weeks then, I met my new Prince Charming…for that month at least.

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