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March 21, 2011
“Come on, Come on sleep now” I said shooting my hands into the air. It took me about two and a half hours to finally go to sleep. Once the morning came around I didn't wake up like I usually would. My little brother Robert rushes in and starts to jump on my bed yelling “Wake Up !!!! Its the first day of school!! Wake Up!!” I look up at him like he is some kind of weirdo telling me that aliens from outer space are taking over the world. I get out of bed as slowly as possible, letting my joints adjust to motion of my body. “Robert” I turn to him. “Get out of my room. Now!!” going toward him and shoving him out the door and slamming the door, so I can hurry and get ready for the first day of school.

I look out the window, imagining what will happen with my friends through the last year of Jr. High. The bus turns around the corner, my school comes into view.I thought of all of my friends that I missed all summer while I was bored and stuck in the house. The bus gets into the school parking lot and starts to stop. People starts to grab their books and their backpacks and stood up. Everyone starts to file out of the bus in a staggering line. I get up and get my backpack like the rest of the zombies that were barely awake to see whats in front of them. I put backpack on my shoulder and I start to wait for an opening in the line of people that were going off the bus. When I get in the line of students getting off the bus I start to tell everyone to hurry up, wanting to get out of the small space that I was in. I finally get off the bus full of students and start to shove my way throw the crowd of girls that were hugging their friends and yelling “Oh My Gosh!!! I like Haven't Seen You in Like Forever!!!!” even though they saw them the day before. I start to walk faster and faster getting more excited with every step I take. I open those big, black doors and walk in, just taking it all in. Remembering all the good times that I've had. “Man I am going to miss this school,” I said to myself. I get my new schedule out of my pocket of my pants. “All right, lets see where my new locker is.... C hall.” I start to walk down towards the hall with the big “C” on top of the doors with the school colors on them(Blue, White, and Red).

I start to look at the locker numbers that were at the top of the lockers. I'm almost all the down the hall when I find my number that was the same as the number on my schedule, when I find that it is already open. I look around, but I don't see anyone. So I do what I usually do when I don't know who did it and I really don't care about it either, I shrugged my shoulders and go over to my new locker for the year and I get my stuff out of my backpack and put my backpack in the locker(ever since the school put a rule against students having their backpacks in class you have to keep them in your locker). I start to close my locker, when I see my friend, Desi Peck, making one of her weird faces at me. She starts to run towards me to and her curly blond hair- that makes her look like she trying to Shirley Temple- starts to fly everywhere. All of a sudden I hear her yelling at me saying “DON'T SHUT THE LOCKER!!!” but it was too late my hand had already pushed to locker shut. Desi is one of those friends that everyone has thats the joker of the group. P.S. Shes my height which means I'm not the only shorty in my “freakishly tall” group. I start to make a oops face at her. She comes over and opens up the locker again and gets her stuff. “So thats why it was open” I said to her. “Yup!” she says back. “Ding,Ding,Ding” goes the get-to-class-before-your-tardy bell. I turn to Desi. “So what is your first period class?” she asked. “Eww... PE” I said to her making a disgusted face at her, which makes her start to laugh. First Period PE is the worst first period you could ever have, because your tired and you have to go run and then you smell all stinky and sweaty after an hour of running and playing sports.

The first day of school went by pretty fast which was pretty surprising because that never ever happens. I go home and I walk into the door when I start to her this yapping sound “What is that, wait, oh its just Tasha.” I said to myself. I run up to my room hurry and put my stuff down and then go into my mom's room and jump on her bed. “Hey Mom, I'm home.” “Hey honey, how was school?” she asked me. I look at her getting tired of American Parents Famous #1 Question “How was school?”. I answer with a boring tone in my voice “Fine.” “Time to get right to the point and just ask her.”I thought to myself. “So, I have a question. I was wondering if I could transfer to AF next year, instead of going to Lone Peak?” I asked her. She looks up at me and I give my famous I-am-such-a-little-angel smile. “Why would you rather go there than go to Lone Peak?” she asked me. “Because the German system stinks at Lone Peak and I like the sports better there, theres no politics.” I said. “Thats really not the big reason is it?” she said with one of those motherly you-better-tell-me-the-truth look. “Fine. I actually have friends there” I said. She nodded to me “Now that sounds more like it.” “So can I?” “I guess, but I can't guarantee that you will actually go. If I get one of my feelings that you shouldn't go then you aren't going to go.” she said. “Okay.”

It was the dream I had always been wanting. My life was finally perfect. School was going good, I had really good friends, and no problems with boys. It was to day before the Orientation for your classes, when my mom woke me up to tell me that I wouldn't be going to AF next year like we had planned. “Sabrina.” “Huh?” I wake up at look at her wondering why she had woke me up when it was only five in the morning. “Sabrina, I have a bad feeling about you going to AF next year.” I look up at her not believing what she had said like she was swearing or something. “So you aren't letting me go to AF next year?” I asked her. She nodded at me. “You can't do this to me!! No. No. No.” I said as I fall to my knees. “I couldn't believe what she was making me go through” I thought to myself, while the tears started to run down my face just like rain falling from the sky.

The rest of that year was terrible. When the school year ended and then went into Summer. I was pretty much in the worst moodiest, negative mood that I've ever been in. I was dreading school coming that year. All I wanted to do was either hang out with my friends or sulk in my room eating ice cream and playing on my ipod hating the world or listening to negative songs that went along with what I was feeling. When the school year came and it was the first day of school. My sister gave me a ride to school. When she stopped in front of the school she said to me “Good luck. Hope you have a good day” “ Thanks I need all the luck that I can get, and as for having a good day, it won't be likely.” I get out of the car and slam the door as hard as I can making a loud “SMACK!” I start to walk toward the doors with a scary, angry look on my face that said “If You Bug Me I Will Seriously Kill You With My Bare Hands!” I walk through the doors, which were lined up with student council and the cheer squad yelling “Welcome to High School!! Hope You Have A Great Day!!” while handing out green bracelets and piece of candy. When they handed one to me I went straight to the nearest garbage can and threw both of them away which made me get a lot of What-is-her-problem looks, but to tell the truth I didn't really care what they thought of me. All I wanted was to get through the school day and go home. The year has gone better than I thought. I found that I actually had a lot of friends at Lone Peak, I also found that my life is just as good as it was before now that I have a good out look on things. I mean I even have a guy that likes me back!! Everything was totally different from what I said it was going to be. I have new friends and have a better since of humor now from them. I have learned more from my peers and my friends this year than I ever have any other year in school.

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