Walking out?

March 12, 2011
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I was at the ball game, yea I left before the ball came I ran out of the stands even before I had a change you see.
I walk away before the pain starts so I don’t have to deal with the after marks
I got a lot of those from the beat downs the setbacks the broken backs the feelings of going back the memories are starting to come back.
I swore to hell if I go back ill relapse from the pain that made me want to run away, so I sit back, pack my sack and leave the light on so they think I’m coming back, but me and you both know the truth I leave before the ball comes through
All this stupid pain isn’t worth the stay not even for one more day I think about it every day.
I sit outside and watch the rain drops fly
But I got to hear all those lonely goodbyes.
So I sallow my pride and let out the truth before I finally go I thought hell what’s the use I wanted someone to know the truth.
I finished last on my own behalf; see when things got harder I fell out of place, it’s enough with this turtle race.
I ran every time I needed a fresh start a do over a new mark.
You see like the day when the Yankees played the Phillie's I left my home team before the ball was pitched through.

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