What is beauty anyway?

March 23, 2011
By mara227 BRONZE, West Hartford, Connecticut
mara227 BRONZE, West Hartford, Connecticut
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What is beauty, anyway? One day while I was talking with my friend Shanice on the phone. I brought up the name of a girl from middle school. She was one of the popular girls people said “had it all”. She had long black hair, pretty hazel eyes and an acne free face that any teenager would die for.
I said, “Shanice don’t you think she was such a pretty girl?”
“No” Shanice replied, “Because she had a bad attitude.”
I was a little taken back by my friend’s comment but it made me think. What is beauty really? Is there a deeper meaning to the term? I realized my friend was right, although the girl had the looks; it was her demeanor that made her unattractive. Before that I never thought about what true beauty is. I thought of it as only what’s on the outside such as your smile, your hair or your face in general. But beauty is deeper than that.

Beauty is the attractiveness of your personality and character rather than physical appearance. Sure you can be physically attractive but that means nothing if you don’t have a matching attitude. Some say beauty is skin deep but I say beauty is as deep as the tissue in your bones. Beauty is not something that can be bought. You can go into Sephora or Mac and buy all expensive make up money can buy. But no necessarily come out a beautiful person. Beauty develops from the inside and shines out. For example look at the Miss. Universe pageants. They include a section where the contestants answer questions that deal with global events and personality. The reason is because the judges want to find out what kind of person the contestants are, rather than just a pretty face.

Beauty is different from prettiness. The common text book definition for prettiness is pleasing or attractive to the eye .This doesn’t even scratch the surface of what true beauty is. Another common misconception of beauty is in order to be considered beautiful you must look like a model. Society is to blame for this it’s unlikely in a magazine you will see an ordinary person modeling high fashion or even on the evening news. Prettiness and model looks are buildable by surgery and makeup. But beauty comes from your personality.

I think that the most beautiful people are the ones that society dubbed less attractive. Why? They rely on their personality rather than looks and that’s what makes them beautiful. So tell me are you beautiful?

The author's comments:
It was a school assignment.Nothing too serious.

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