Personal Drug

March 8, 2011
You’re like my own personal drugs, you’re always there at my discretion, even though I know that your bad for me, but even when I try and quit you, your always in the shadows lurking about, and you always come creeping back, you’re my own personal drug. I need to tell you to leave, but I can't bring myself to, you’re my own personal drug. I know that you’re wrong for me, but you've got me hooked like drugs. I can't help the way I feel for you, I know it's wrong but you've turned into my own personal set of drugs. You've turned me into your own personal slave. I can't seem to say no to you, you've turned into my personal slave. I can't seem to escape your grasp, no matter how hard I try; we can’t seem to let each other go. I can only seem to let you out of my grasp for a little while, because you've became my personal drug. Only now it's gone too far, so now I have to try and let my personal drug go. So goodbye for now maybe we can meet up later, and you won't be such a habit. Goodbye my personal drug.

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