First Love

March 19, 2011
After one month of paradise, I thought I had fallen in love. You had my head spinning and my heart in a tizzy. I talked about you constantly.
You were all I thought about. After each date, your kiss lingered on my lips for the remainder of the night, always fading away too soon.But no worries, I
got to kiss you again in my dreams. I let you break down my walls and see me for who I am. Around you, I wasn't guarded and scared, I was happy and
confident and for the first time, I felt beautiful. You made me so much more secure with myself, and for that, I'll be grateful forever. You told me you
loved me every time you hung up the phone. My breath caught in my throat every time I heard those words.

I thought our relationship was perfect. You were Prince Charming and I was the Damsel in Distress. You woke me with a kiss and swept me off my feet. I was
living the fairytale life every girl dreams about. It was perfect. I thought you felt that way too. But on that day, I woke up feeling sick. I knew
something bad was going to happen. My parents had gone out for the day and I was home alone. I was watching a sappy romantic movie when my phone started
ringing. Your beautiful picture popped up on the screen. I smiled as I picked up the phone. You always knew when I needed you.

"Hey sweetie!" I said as I hit answer. "Hi," you said with a monotone voice. That's when I knew it was over. "What's wrong? Is everything okay?" I asked. You
sighed into the phone. "Look Erin, it just isn't working between us. We don't get to see each other enough and I miss you like crazy," you said. Silence. I
didn't know what to say. How could my world have been turned upside down like this? How could you do this to me? "I think it would be better if we broke up,"
you said. I never knew your heart could literally break. "Alright. If that's how you feel then fine. I guess its over," I said, trying to hold back my tears.
He breathed a sigh of relief. "I'm so glad you aren't mad at me!" You said. Tears poured down my face. "Of course not," I said, "How could I be?" I hung up
the phone and sat down. I cried for about two hours straight. I just didn't understand what went wrong. I loved you so much.

Over the next three days, I slowly started to realize maybe I'll be okay after all. I'm so lucky to have the great friends and family I have. They really
helped me pull myself out of that Hell Hole. On the third day after you broke my heart, I went on Facebook. Right after you broke up with me, I changed
my relationship status. Yours was already single. So, I went on Facebook to see what I had missed in my three days of sorrow. The first thing on my news feed
was Ryan Barkley is in a relationship. I gasped. How could you get over your first love in a matter of three days? I sure didn't. You didn't tag your new
girlfriend in your status. The second thing I noticed was Katie Leonard is in a relationship. With Ryan Barkley. My best friend and my ex-boyfriend. That
is so Disney Channel.

That was what hurt the most out of the whole ordeal. Katie sat with me through the tears and the cursing of your name. She handed me box after box of tissues
and brought over ice cream sundae materials. And the whole time, you were probably picking her up and making out with her while I laid in bed and cried
and watched stupid chick flicks about girls who get their hearts broken. Just like me.

It took me a long time to recover from my first love. After time, I started to realize that I could find somebody who would love me and never break my heart.
And eventually, I did. And you, well you went through your fair share of girlfriends. I always wondered if you ever went more than four days being single.
As for Katie, she dumped you hard for some varsity football player. Love hurts but in the end, it always works out.

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