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March 17, 2011
By Anonymous

People always say, “It doesn’t happen, why do we have another assembly on it?” Truth is, It does happen. Bullying happens every day and people lose more and more self-worth each day. Many people have been a victim of bullying, and here’s my story;

It all started last May, the harassing phone calls, the rumors, and the names began to be told to my three best friends and I. We each have our own story, and we each have had the worst 10 months of our lives. I come to school each day in fear, I’m scared of what I will be called, who will judge me and what will be written on my locker. I live in fear, every time I hear my phone ring I’m scared to death to look at who it is and what it will say. My life has become a nightmare that I can’t wake up from. I thought 8th grade was supposed to be the best year, it’s been my worst. I have gone through enough and truthfully I don’t deserve it. I miss when we all used to be friends, we would hang out all the time, it all ended so fast, why? We have never done anything to them. Each one of the guys have mentally and verbally abused me and even physically abused one of my best friends by throwing stuff at her, I’m done, my stress level has gone way up, I haven’t been myself, I can’t be, I will be judged, I hate coming to school, I’m so afraid, and I can’t take it anymore. The only advice people have is that it will be over soon, it’s been going on for almost a year now, will it really be over soon? I’ve lost all hope in that, but this shows peoples true colors, who our real friends are, and it shows what our society is like today, it will only get worse. I cannot live in fear anymore.

I get a pit in my stomach every single time when I walk past “the guys” I feel like I’m not good enough, or I there’s something wrong with me I just feel worthless, is that how middle school is supposed to be? I wish I didn’t always have to try to impress someone I know I shouldn’t feel like that, but I do, each one of “the guys” have had such an impact on my friends and I, it’s hard to just brush off what they say to us. They need to be put in their place and learn that they aren’t the top of the school, we have tried but us girls don’t have enough power. I wonder what will happen when we are pushed over the line and rat them all out. I’m almost at that breaking point, but I just don’t have the guts. I’m a strong person, but I cannot take this any longer.

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on Mar. 27 2011 at 9:53 pm
Bookdragon GOLD, Mona, Utah
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By Endurance We Conquer ~Ernest Shackleton

You should no be afraid to tell anyone about a bully, because the second they are revealed they lose all their power.

lollypops GOLD said...
on Mar. 24 2011 at 6:21 pm
lollypops GOLD, Pilot, Virginia
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Good for you way to stand up for yourself you can do it i believe in you


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