Tick, Tock Mondays

March 11, 2011
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As I sit here now in English, I’m thinking about that Spanish homework I “forgot” to do. But at least I have Mr. Lopez for my teacher, instead of some scary cat lady, who’s Korean, but teaches Spanish.

Definition of random.

Emily is next to me, mesmerized by this book she is reading. Don’t know what the title is; don’t care. It’s so weird (not in a bad way) to be in an English class that I can actually enjoy. I looked at my watch. It’s only 8:30!

Tick, tock…

I’ve been doing the same thing everyday. Get up, go to school, go back home, do homework, go on facebook, eat dinner, hang out with mom, Family Guy, then bed. Sounds pretty basic, but it’s what I do.

Tick, tock…

Emily just read about 14 pages of her book in almost 5 minutes; usually it takes me 5 minutes to read 6 pages. Class is about to end, advisement is next, ugh, I have to see “Mangina” (guy I’ve had a grudge towards since 7th grade). Saw him in the halls this morning, with that blank stare he always has on his repulsive face. Some say we have a love/hate relationship.

I must be the hate.

Today is the first day of Spirit Week. Pajama day… Give me a break. It makes me sick how people go so overboard for it. For me, spirit for my school is slim, maybe less.

I can’t wait until this week is over.

I said something stupid in English today. Mr. Claus asks what a tort was. I said “A little piece of cake.” What was I thinking; that’s a tart!

Mondays are my weakness for my brain to work effectively.

Dreading science today. Don’t want to go for the life of me, but I have to. Emily is on page 337, and there are 477 pages. She’s crazy, crazy fast at reading.

Tick, tock…

Emily’s arched enemy just waltzed in. Emily has a slight snarl on her face. But got rid of it when he walked by us. We’ve known him since 4th grade, and she still can’t stand him. Mostly now though.

Tick, tock…

A reading Mr. Claus gave us just flew out of my notebook. Still haven’t picked it up. I will eventually… I swear if we have another out of the blue fire drill today, I’m going to lose it. I glanced out the window.


Halloween decorations. I can’t stand the way people put up decorations a month before the actual holiday.

Tick, tock…

It seems like I’m just ranting about the things that annoy me. But that’s what Mondays do to me. I seem like a b@#*! that just wishes she could go back home and “veg”.

I hope this day goes by fast, let alone this week.

Tick, tock…

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