Memorable Pain, Memorable Scars

March 7, 2011
By GuadalupeA BRONZE, Clinton, Connecticut
GuadalupeA BRONZE, Clinton, Connecticut
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“She may not live for too long, her heart beats are way too fast for her age, it would be a miracle if she survives in her teenage years”. Those were the exact words the doctor told my mom while I was lying in bed in a cold room at the hospital.

When I was only turning 5 years old I got diagnose with a heart problem called Tachycardia and Arrhythmia. After 2 years the Tachycardia started getting worse because my heart beat was at a very high pace, 235 beats per minute and for the age I was it would have killed me. I remember when my mom and I went to my uncle’s house and I was watching TV with my cousin at her room and out of nowhere I felt very dizzy and very cold it seemed like I was outside while snowing, my cousin got scared because she said I was turning purple. I felt like my heart was about to pop out off my shirt. When I got downstairs my mom looked at me and she ran up to me because I was about to passed out. And I think I did because I don’t remember walking to the couch or I was in too much pain to noticed. My mom and my uncle told me that I was really cold as if I was dead, my skin didn’t have any color, and my lips were purple. Eventually my heart beat started slowing down and came back to normal pace.

With time, my heart beats started getting higher and faster. When I moved to las vegas I started going to the E.R twice or even four times a month because of my Tachycardia. By now not only my heart beats were 350 beats per minute but I was restricted from doing a lot of stuff in gym class and outside of school. My doctor even told me that I wouldn’t get any type of emotions I had to stay calm, not get too excited, scared, sad, depressed, mad or any time of emotion, it was hard for my age. My grades started going down because I would be hospitalized. in a big way my heart problem not only caused me problems in school but also emotionally.

After I moved to Connecticut my mom decided to take me to a new cardiologist after many times of visiting the hospital. Dr. Dianna decided that the best way to cure my problem was to have a Cardiac catheterization. I had to go to Boston Massachusetts. It wasn’t only a long way to get there but a long time to get my problem fix. When I was meeting the doctors that were going to do the procedure I was nervous and happy at the same time. I got really scared when they told me the risks of the surgery and I got more scared when they told me I was going to have a breathing tube and the surgery was going to last four to six hours. When my mom and I were talking to the doctors and filling up the paper work I could tell my mom didn’t want me to have the surgery after the doctor said the major risks of the surgery was either death or have a pacemaker for life. Of course I was really scared for both of them and I wanted to cry really bad but I had to be strong so my mom would be strong with me too, it was hard but I had to do it for good for both of us. When the waiting was over I started getting more nervous but excited at the same time because I would finally be able to do what ever I would like. The surgery was about five hours and when I got out I saw my mom standing there next to the bed waiting for me with a teddy bear and I heard her say everything went well and I just started crying because those words felt very good to hear them. I had to stay in bed laying down for four hours with no pillow in my head or anything so the blood would go to my heart. It was a very difficult thing to do but I made it through. The scars are still there and they will never go away but those scars have the meaning of the pain I had to go through for eleven years.

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