The Terrible Fall

February 7, 2011
By BrandonK BRONZE, Mitchell, South Dakota
BrandonK BRONZE, Mitchell, South Dakota
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It all started when me my brother and my dad where getting riled up playing football on one of those do-we-have-to-really-go-back-to-school-and-work-tomorrow days. Once we got inside, me and my brother thought it was perfect time to get some energy out and jump on the bed for a while. We were jumping so high we felt like birds flying over everything and we were pretty close to hitting our heads on the ceiling. We continued to jump until we heard a loud rumble of a voice that was my dad yelling at us to stop jumping on the bed, but the only reason he knew we were doing this is because at the time I had a bed with springs under it. After we decided not to obey my dads command, my brother continued to jump, I continued to jump, and then we tried to do circus acts which we clearly didn't know how to do. As we continued to do our “circus acts” I decided it was time to do my grand finale and do a front flip unfortunately I miss calculated my distance from me to the edge of my bed and was sent flying over the edge.

I screamed so loud it was like sitting right next to a jet engine with a did-that-really-just-happen-to-me expression spread clean across my face as my brother darted out of the room so fast it was as if he was caught in the room next to me he would be the one to get into trouble. When I was lying on the ground, my dad finally came rushing in to aid me, but then he realized that when he tried to pick me up I would scream even louder. I was brought into the living room for further analysis, and my grandma was the one to blurt out “I think he broke his leg” right in front of my face which made me scream even louder.

At that time my dad scooped me up and took me to the car we raced to the hospital where I thought that if you had a broken leg they would have to cut it off. When we arrived at the hospital, we were sent to the emergency room where I was given a dingy yellow, extremely itchy, and to-heavy-for-my-leg-to-carry cast. Once I had my cast on I realized that I should probably listen to my parents a little more and breaking my leg was probably the worst thing that has ever happened to me.

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