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February 6, 2011
By aquilia BRONZE, Melba, Idaho
aquilia BRONZE, Melba, Idaho
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In front of me, I watch as a black, jagged crack stretches its fingers across my windshield. My hands are ghostly white, clamped around the steering wheel. My mind seems to have gone numb to everything but the steady click of my keys. Click, click. Click, click. A cynical grin creeps across my face because even in all this chaos there is an orderly beat. My eyes drift to the coconut-scented flower swinging from my rearview mirror. Its elegant sway sets a counter beat to the clicking keys. Click, click, swoosh. Click, click, swoosh.

Beside me, I hear a set of panicked lungs working double time. Amanda's blue eyes lock onto mine and I realize that she can hear the twisted rhythm too. Our frenzied gasps join the melody, becoming an erratic accompaniment. Soon, the whispering wind brings a chilling accord to the composition as it whines over the shattered glass and warped metal frame. Click, click, swoosh-whir. Click, click, swoosh-whir.

Behind me, the reek of burning rubber seems to mock the inescapable harmony. Glaring lights flash across my vision, and I can see them laugh as sirens perfectly complement the cruel music with a mournful chime. Click, click, swoosh-whir, clink. Click, click, swoosh-whir, clink.

On my shoulder, I can feel the bite of my seatbelt digging into my skin. Salty tears spill from my eyes and over my face. I glance down at the glass imbedded in my arms, dancing along to the melody. As my eyes close, I hear one last instrument join in. My heart's loud thud provides the perfect drum beat as the chaotic rhythm rises into the frigid night air. Click, click, swoosh-whir, clink, thump. Click, click, swoosh-whir, clink, thump.

The author's comments:
I wrote this after my best friend, Amanda, and I were in a car crash while driving home from track practice one night.

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