Memorial Stadium

February 4, 2011
By Unknown5 BRONZE, Mitchell, South Dakota
Unknown5 BRONZE, Mitchell, South Dakota
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Although it is ten minutes to kickoff, the roaring of people all around you can be heard for miles around it. Everywhere you look, from side to side, all you see is a sea of red at the Memorial stadium.
The smell of hot dogs, nachos, pretzels, pizza, and an assortment of runzas filled the air outside the stadium as you looked out across thousands and thousands of people in red, crossing a large footbridge. All kinds of markets surrounded it, selling everything “Nebraska” you could think of: corn heads, t-shirts, sunglasses, jewelry, jerseys and even helmets. As you look at the merchandise, you can hear rock, heavy metal, and jazz bands playing over the roar of the fans. The stadium itself is composed of cement, metal, and glass and seats over 109,901 people, the most in college football! And its interior is the best thing that you will ever lay eyes on.
There are the locker rooms, commentator’s box, trophy room, and almost everything you could imagine in a perfect football stadium. Everywhere are escalators to the higher levels and so many windows you can’t count them. Altogether I believe you could fit one hundred nine thousand and nine hundred and one people in it at once.
The seating is excellent too. There are hundreds of thousands of seats all colored red (even the bleachers). The bleachers on the lower level have numbers on them so you can find your seat. The middle level is all red chairs with arm rests and a great view of the field. And finally the luxury boxes are peering down at the field below at the peak of the stadium, stories above the field. With tinted windows, complete with air conditioning for it is boiling up there, and TVs in them to watch the game for it is so high up within the sky.
Lastly is the field, the best part which is composed of turf and complete with a big N in the middle. Huge, bright yellow goal posts stand behind the end zones with “NEBRASKA” spelled out in huge red letters on this greener than a sea of green grass hundred yard field.
Altogether this field is one of the more exciting places I have ever been to and has also given me a lot of good memories. Isn’t Memorial stadium the best arena you have ever heard of in collage football?

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