Wedding Crasher

February 25, 2011
By Anonymous

We run out of the sanctuary past the fresh red roses to the long flight of stairs in front of us. We cannot wait to get back to the pool in our little bikinis and dive in the water. White veil occasions are not for us kids. As we reach the stairs we are still running as fast as we can.

“I would laugh so hard if you fell down these stairs!” I say to McKenna as I huff and puff.

“That would so not be funny,” She slams back at me.

I continue to run as the guests stand in anxious wait for the new bride and groom. As I turn to look at McKenna, my heel gets caught on a stair and I take a tumble clear to the bottom floor. The entire room freezes and all eyes are on me.

As I twist down the long stairs, I turn to look at my sisters who have their hands on their knees and are laughing so hard they can’t even breathe. Paige is screaming, “I just peed my pants!”

I can feel my dad’s eyes on us but am afraid to look as I know he is not happy. His face looks like a cherry and I hear him say, “Paige, shut up! You better hope you like the smell of pee because you’re not changing those pants all night.”

“Great,” I think to myself, “this would happen to me.”

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