one afternoon

February 25, 2011
By Anonymous

On an exciting Saturday afternoon doing nothing at all, Esteban and I decide to take a short little trip to Marshalltown.
“Dude whats up?” said esteban.
“Nothing chillen, bored man, wanna go to town?” I ask.
“Alright come pick me up punk!” barked esteban.

After a quick trip to Wal-Mart and Mcdonald’s we head home.
“That was pretty freakin quick man” esteban admitted.
“Yeah I know haha, I took my time too.” I laughed.
We are merging back onto the one lane and all of a sudden. . . .
“What the hell is that guy doing!!?” I screeched.
“I think he’s tryin to pass you man.” Esteban roared.
“ hes gonna wait!” I shouted!
As we merge onto the one lane, this fat old man in a huge red truck starts tailgating the crap out of me. I slow down and raise my hands up at him for him to relax. As he starts to pass my little piece of crap car, both my widow and estebans go down and our fingers go in the air.
“What a tool” I hissed.
“Yeah dude is nuts” muttered esteban.

That was a quick little snap shot from a recent Saturday when my best friend and I took a quick drive to Marshalltown. I guess people don’t really know how to drive these days.

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