You May Not Have to Wish Anymore

February 19, 2011
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My Best Friend

Most teenage girls wish for love. They wish for someone who will call them beautiful and hold their hand and kiss their forehead. Yeah, that was me; for a long time. 
But in 2010, something changed. I gave up trying to find the best guy, and started looking for a best friend. 
Over the course of the year I lost my fair share of people, mainly to the lack of my popularity. I've never been one to fit in. I'm quirky but I like it that way. It was my mission in 2010 to find someone else who could handle all my quirkiness. Someone who wouldn't even joke about my problem of talking to much, knowing that it's getting old, and starting to hurt inside. Someone who understood my passion for writing and someone who knew that no matter what, I would always be there.
 Many people seemed to think of me as just like anyone else. A social climber... But honestly, all I wanted was to be happy. 
I started my mission right away.. And for the first five, six maybe seven times, failed. Well, there was this one boy. He stuck out. Something about him. He was so honest. So pure. So understanding. But school ended with the anticipated start of summer and he became just a simple friend who I would share small talk with on Facebook every once in a while. It was summer when I was finally getting used to the idea that there may not be another person out there compatible with myself. Then Drivers Ed started.. And there was that boy. The same one I had lost almost all contact with. It was good to see him again. There was something about his smile.... We started talking (thank goodness for Facebook). He was perfect.. A writer, a musician, a Christian, he was kind and gentle and always there to talk to. We talked and talked. And, although I was completely oblivious, I was falling for him. Yes indeed, I pulled the magic trick, I fell for the boy who was becoming my best friend. You're thinking now "oh great another tragic love story..". Not this time. This is a story of friendship. Of loyalty and of trust. He fell for me too. Problem... His family had rules about dating. But for once in my life, I'm okay with the words "we're just friends" because in my head I know that it is so much more than that.
 I hold on to this boy with a  python's grip. Not out of jealousy but out of fear. The fear that I might have actually found a friend. A person to trust and believe in. The fear that I would lose that friendship.
He is my best friend. I don't know how else to put it. Although we aren't dating, I'm still happier than I've ever been. All these years I was wishing for love and a boyfriend. All these years I was wasting wishes. If I had wished for a best friend, I may have found him when I needed him the most.
 So teenage girls, rather than wishing for love, wish for friendship. It may seem like less to you but friendship can create stronger relationships. And friendships... Can blossom. Wish for a best friend, and eventually, you may not have to wish anymore.

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Whats.The.Purpose said...
Mar. 7, 2011 at 7:58 pm
Thats a beautiful story, you and him are perfect for each other. You guys will be that friendship that lasts forever.
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