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My thoughts on the state of the music industry today

February 18, 2011
By AnarchistHeartland ELITE, Washington, District Of Columbia
AnarchistHeartland ELITE, Washington, District Of Columbia
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All in the eye of the beholder, To each their own. It's all how you look at it, We all have heard these sayings, But how would this apply to the state of the music industry? Well we all have our opinions, So today I shall express mine. I wholeheartedly believe, That Music is much, much more than just.....a hobby, an interest, or something to do to ease boredom. No to me I believe Music is in fact, An art form, something to be regarded alongside other intricate and exquisite liberal arts such as Painting, Writing, Designing and Architecture, All relative to one key factor, value. Something that appeals to the human emotion of what appeals the most to them. Regardless of wether or not it appeals to the emotion of positivity, or negative emotions, Nontheless Music has earned it's staying place in this world. Be it Classical Music, Jazz, Blues, Hard Rock, Pop, Soul, Electronica, Reggae, Rap, Metal or any of their respective offshoot branches, I sincerely believe that music should in fact, Be something with real passion, No matter the genre. But where does that line disappear? What genre has none of this heart? I will tell you, It is not the genre, but the artist. The artist who simply makes music to line their companies pockets or to have more money in their bank accounts utterly sickens me. I think, That artists who simply make computer generated "white noise" without a simple regard to how it would affect themselves or others is a mere act of carelessness, sloppiness, and laziness as a whole. Would any man wan't to look at an ugly painting or sculpture? Or would any man wan't to live with his wife and children in an ugly home? Certainly not. But what is relative is the prospect of perception. How it appears to that specific person is all up to them and how they decide to view it. Objectively, or Realistically. But in my mind, artists who put no effort, and no heart into their creations....Quite simply cannot be called artists at all. It is up to you how you look at it and what genre's of Music you like is relevant to simple matters of taste and distaste. But this is a matter more open for discussion in the book I will be writing. Thank you for your time and effort to read this.

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