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February 18, 2011
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When you think your life sucks. Just wait and see what my EVERYDAY life is about.
It was another pathetic day of middle school. The drama was on a high and my self-esteem was on an all time LOW. So far the day has been sucky: Woke up to my “wonderful” eight year old sister, screaming: “LET ME IN THE BATHROOM OR I WILL umm…. STEAL SOMETHING.” Did I forget to mention that it was SIX O’CLOCK IN THE MORNING!!! Then later after the horrible incident with my sister, I go down to make some WAFFLES. I ride down the rail to head down the stairs. Swivel right and start running for the fridge. I open the fridge but only to find, YOGURT! I storm into my mother’s room; demanding an exclamation. She simply replied: “I’m on a diet.” I stood their stunned. Not only was she was on a diet, but she was torturing me while doing it! “Waffles, she stated, “tend to tempt me a little bit; so I chucked them in the garbage.” I COULDVE SCREAMED!!!
Later, when showing up to school with an empty, waffle-less, stomach, I walk into school, and everybody is staring. One of those really annoying -preppy-in-your-face-meanie-butts came up and asked if she could ask me something. I replied, “you just did; but go on anyways.” She said: “Mary posted on facebook that you’re a lesbian and that you want to kiss my twin, Alley, and that really isn’t cool with me.” I stood there with my mouth wide open. Why would Mary do such a thing. Knowing that I’m clearly NOT a lesbian, and I have no clue who this bizarre Alley chick is, there was no point to it. So I looked her in the eye and said: “It says a lot about someone who believes everything they hear on a social network; especially when the person they heard it from is currently in a fight with their best friend.” She looked at me and said: “Oh… I’m sorry…. I had no idea…” Me, knowing that she has made a huge mistake, because by that time the WHOLE school has heard it. I just sighed and said: “just try and deflate the rumor if you can.” Then I walked away.
After being confronted SEVERAL times by idiotic 7th graders and rejecting that stupid rumor; I came across the rat that started it. Mary was a particularly smart girl, good looks, and beautiful voice. But as soon as she opened her anorexic pie hole; I was already pissed off. I looked at her with the most dreadful look and said: “Look you liar, I’m disappointed in you as an ‘ex-friend’ and an acquaintance. You are disrespectful little dog who needs some manners; in a more simplified way, we and whatever went on between us, IS OVER.- She looked astonished as I continued – “Don’t fret though Mary, I would never tell your worthless secrets, though I am rather tempted. I would never stoop to YOUR level….” I walked away. *Phew,* that was a workout….
I have spoken.

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Liv_Drummer said...
Mar. 2, 2011 at 7:46 am
hmm... I've could've done better... I was so angry... the title has nothing to do with the article... Oh well :)
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