Honor Your Mother and Father

February 18, 2011
By Anonymous

I chose this story because I thought that my mom went through a painfully rough life. In this story you will be reading about a woman who suffered through her pregnancy. That woman got to the point of hating her child, which was not pleasant. If you want to know more about how this story continues... you have to read it.

In 1983 my mom and dad had barely started going out. They were both 19 years old. My mom’s name is Miriam and my dad’s is Jorge. They were in Honduras. Back in those days Honduras looked like the poorest place in Central America. The streets were rocky. The building seemed like they were going to split apart. The houses were made of aluminum and looked disastrous. Anyway, my mom had her ebony hair and her caramel eyes. That sometimes look evil when shes mad. My dad has chocolate eyes and hair the color of burn brownies. One thing about him is that even when he is talking normally it seems like he is shouting at you.

Further more, my mom’s mom didn’t like my dad at all for the fact that my dad was half black . Unfortunately, my grandma hated him but ; obviously, my mom did not care. Since my mom refused to obey my grandma, my grandma stopped talking to my mom. My mom decided to leave the house suddenly and went to live with my dad’s family.

My dad’s family passionately hated my mom. They would be so hypocritical. They would only act nicely in front of my dad. When my dad would leave, my dad’s sisters and his mother would treat my mom like a slave. They would insult her in so many ways they would tell her, “Go clean that you b_ _ _ _. That way you’re useful for something!

“Fearfully my mom wouldn’t say anything to them or to my dad. Throughout the story my mom got pregnant. It happened to be her first child and she adored her baby even though it was not born yet.

My dad’s family hated my mom so much that my dad’s sisters would tell him, “Oh, that baby is not yours, she cheated on you. Leave her anyway she is just a b_ _ _ _.”
“What are you talking about? I love her and you are not going to change my mind,”my dad would say .
My mom would not spend that much time at the house anyway. She worked in a fabric factory back in the days factories looked old and where almost falling apart. My mom would come home and she would not eat ,because my mom hates that nasty green cilantro. My dad’s sisters would cook cilantro in a way she wouldn’t eat. My mom would starve. She had to eat fast food. Time passed and my dad joined a band. He was the main singer. The band was called Silver Starr. It was very famous in Honduras.

Before long, my dad had to leave the house because he had to go perform in other cities. He gladly went so he could raise money for the baby. My mom had to stay with my dad’s family, she felt miserable. My mom was 3 months pregnant her belly was just starting to enlarge. My dad’s sisters threw my mom’s bed away , so my mom had to sleep on the chilly wood floor.

Some weeks went by and my mom started fainting for the fact that she didn’t eat. One day my mom was walking back from work it was raining at 8:00 o’clock at night and it was foggy. You could hardly see were your walking. My mom was getting home when she saw my dad’s stoned-hearted sisters throwing her clothes in the rocky ally.

My mom asked, “What are you girls doing?”

My dad’s sisters giggled.

My mom shouted, “Oh my god! Why are you doing this?”

My dad’s sisters stayed quiet. My mom just picked up her clothes in a tiny box and left because she couldn’t take it anymore. My mom went to her friends house to see if she would give her a place to sleep while my dad was gone.

My mom asked “Can I stay over for a cupple of days?”

My mom’s friend said: “Sure Miriam, I could use your help.”

My mom said, “Thank you very much I really appreciate it.”
My mom stopped working, so she would clean the house, wash the lady’s clothes and cook so when the lady came back everything was done and my mom would eat. Later that month, my mom would passed by my grandma’s house, but my grandma was still mad at my mom. My grandma would throw water at her, so my mom would just leave. Time went by and my mom was 8 months pregnant. My mom decided to pass by my grandma’s house again. This time my grandma spoke to my mom.

My grandma said, “Miriam, ven.” (Miriam, come here.)

My mom asked, “Que pasó, mamá?” (What happened, Mom?)

My grandma replied, “Ya no soporto verte sufrir. Regresa a la casa!” (I can’t stand seeing you suffer anymore. Come back home!)

My mom answered, “Ay, mamá, te he extranado mucho.” (Oh, Mom, I have missed you a lot.)

My grandma responded, “Yo tambien.” (Me too.)

My grandma told my mom’s brothers to move the things for her. My mom’s caramel eyes shined with happiness. Then her due date month came up 4/19/84. It was a bright day; the horizon was coral and lemon and my mom had her baby. It was a boy and she named him Marlon. He weighed 4 pounds and a half because my mom would not eat. He was white and had little tiny hands. Unexpectedly, something happened to my moms enthusiasm for the baby.

When my mom gave birth and saw the baby,
My mom demanded, “Get him away from me.”
Grandma wondered, “Why?”
My mom shouted, “He looks exactly like them. Just take him away.”

My mom did not want him near her. She would not feed him. My mom was traumatized. She would not eat she would remember everything she went through with my dad’s family. She would not carry my brother because she would see my dad’s sister’s face. She didn’t want him near her at all. Therefore, my mom’s sisters would watch the baby, but one day my mom’s sisters planned to let the baby cry(wah wah wah) to see if my mom would get up. Five minutes passed and my mom thought “Why haven’t my sisters gotten the baby?” For the first time my mom got up and stared. It was a miracle that shewent to hold him.

Then for the first time my mom felt what was motherhood. She said to herself,” It's not his fault he is just a baby”. In fact, he was the only one person with me through all my pain.

She told him, “I love you, mijo.”

To make a long story short, my dad eventually came back and saw his baby. My mom’s mom started to get along with my dad again and they were a happy family throughout that time.

The lesson I want people to learn is that some teenagers take their parents for granted or think that their parents will always be there. All mothers love their children and don’t you forget it! No matter how they treat you or raise you, they will always love you. One piece of advice I would like to give everyone is to honor your mother and father. Everybody makes mistakes, including our parents. Nobody is perfect, but they do what they do because they love you.

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