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My story

February 18, 2011
By Anonymous

My story is about how I almost died. This happened when I was 8 years old. I was close to dying because of an apathetic and careless reason that had got me in to trouble in the past. It was about a few months after I had moved. I also moved schools and this is where it all started. It was time for me to make new friends but it also meant new people that wouldn't like me(enemies).I had a negative attitude because in the beginning of school a lot of people didn't like me. I always had a negative attitude because I didn't want to get beat up like I used to in my school so I changed my attitude.

It was going fantastic in my new school, Union Avenue Elementary School. I liked the school; it really looked like it was more of a garden instead of school because there were a lot of plants and it was a bright green . The school wasn't as big as my other one, but it was a two story building.The hallways were always quiet even most of the time when the kids were going to lunch. The hallways were so quiet it seemed like a library.Then one day I got beat up. It wasn’t really a surprise because I was expecting it. There was this kid, his name was Edgar, he always looked at me with so much anger in his face and it was like he just wanted to hit me.He wasn’t that tall but, he was taller than I was.He would always look at me like he was mad and every time he did his eyebrows would form an arrow and point down to his eyes. I was kind of scared because he looked like he was going to erupt like a volcano. One day I was going to the restroom and he was near there with about four to five other kids. One day during school we came face to face and there was where the problem started. It got to the point where whenever we came face to face it started with an argument and ended with a fight.

He never got to beat me one on one but he always jumped me and left me with little marks on my face and he told everyone that he did it by himself. One day I got so mad that Said to my self,”man this kid is making you look bad”. The day after that came to my mind and I beat him up so badly that he didn’t come to school for a day or two. After that day I guess it was his limit and he wanted to take it to another level. I remember that right after a fight between us two he told me

“WATCH your back m*********** next time I am going to kill you” ,I shouted back to him,“Man F*** you, little b**** you’re a b**** as foo”.

I didn't think it he had taken it that serious, but he did take it that way. A few day ‘s later I bumped in to him in the streets ; when we were face to face he quickly reached inside the pocket of his sweater, and I thought to myself something bad might happen. I saw him take out a gun and at that moment my mind totally went off. I never had a gun pointed at me, especially not up close up and at my head. I kind of spaced out, and that's part of what i remember. For a moment, I thought that he was probably just holding a gun with no bullets. At the same time, I was also thinking what if, the gun did have bullets and that was going to be the end of me (Aron).

Nothing really bad or serious happen I was not that worried but I thought to myself what would I do if I would see him again . Being close to death is not a good feeling because you might come to think of all the things that you are leaving behind and the things you could have done instead of being dead. I still fought over the years but because I was not really paying attention to what had happen to me a few year back.I haven’t changed but a part in my mind ticks and tells me not to fight.
I figuered the only reason I fight is because I have so many problems in my life and i just can’t do anything about it.So when ever I see someone looking at me bad or telling me something that bothers me I lose control and just go all out.I want to stop but I think I still haven’t learned from my mistakes.I do think there is no point to it.

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It is true

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