February 18, 2011
By SalenaMarie GOLD, Kenai, Alaska
SalenaMarie GOLD, Kenai, Alaska
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Moving on from death is sometimes the hardest, longest, most painful process one could go through. For some the pain stays with them for years, for some a matter of days until they are over the death. For me I am still in the healing process two years later.

For me it has been two years since I experienced a death so close to me. Michele Morse was my moms friend first. I met her through playing Bunco with my moms "Bunco Ladies". I would always try to go, to see Michele. She was always my highlight, she was so happy and joyful. I still go to Bunco with my mom to remember the good times I had and keep them alive. I still also eat Cheerios and remember her.

It has been eight months since my beloved "Grandpa" Terry Martin died. April25,2010,he was diagnosed with Lung Cancer and Asian Orange from his time in the Vietnam War. In his last few months seeing him slowly go, I told myself I would be ready. July came around seeing in in a hospital bed connected to oxygen to weak to sit up, broke me in half. Seeing him and not being able to do anything for him or help his pain I will forever regret. Seeing him dying and being there was all I could do I know. July5, 2010, was the day he died. I remember I was raking leaves when dad told me he died earlier in the morning. The pain is still there even eight months later.

Rylene Oskolkoff, the best friend I could have, died four months ago. The pain is there every moment I breath. I remember that day well. Coach Amber called saying no practice because one of the athletes died, they didn't tell me who it was at first, when I did find out, my life was never the same. The happiness I once had is now gone. I will always love my little sister and never forget her.

As you can see the pain of them is still here in my life. They all had special places in my heart and still do. As I write this I am crying. These few years I am just starting to glue my life back together, from where it was two years ago. RCA has been a big part of that. Miss. Dawn, Tad, Miss. Carol, Miss. P, Tim, yes, even Miss. Rochelle all have been a little of that glue. Most of all Jordan, Elizabeth, and now Megan have been that glue that has been gluing this broken hearted once happy person back together again.

Loosing these three very special people has helped me cherish everyday I have here. Terry was an old man, with a good long life behind him, Michele was 46 and they both influenced many young peoples lives. Rylene just turned 14 a few months before she died, she to influenced many of her friends like me.

Seeing what blessings I have through my pain, I am finally starting to feel spring again. I know I have a long way until I feel summer. But I know it is finally coming after a long winter and spring. I have to owe that to the friends and teachers I have here after beginning fresh at this new school. I am sure they will never understand how special they are and how much gratitude I have for them helping me feel, spring in my heart once again.

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TiwiniS SILVER said...
on Apr. 13 2011 at 10:41 am
TiwiniS SILVER, Springfield, Massachusetts
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wooh I can feel your emotions through this poem!! I myself  have been trying to write a poem about how death ripped my heart five years ago (almost) but I never found the courage to start afraid it would be too painful!! I know you will find your summer nd it will warn your heart.


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