Memories That Lead To Forgiveness

February 18, 2011
By Anonymous

Dear David,

You are my brother and you went crazy after your motorcycle accident when you were 22 years old. I remember the day I played with your dog when you used to live across the street from Griffith Park. I also remember when you had weird paintings and you always get me things that I wanted. Looking back, I remember you used to work by making movie sets, working at movie theatres, and many other places.I also remember you met famous people and you always came home with a well-chosen prop from movies. However, ever since your motorcycle accident in 2004 you’ve changed a lot. All of a sudden, you have become violent out of nowhere it was if like a person in your head told you to become violent.

On the day of your motorcycle accident, I was at school. When I got home, I remember being shocked to see the giant white bandages because your skin was scraped from your arm. You also had bruises on your hands and a scar on your face. The whole day you couldn’t stop telling people how “awsome” you felt .

Do you remember how after the accident you used to walk around the house at night or watch tv or wake us up early for no reason?. Then you slept in until two or three in the afternoon; and you woke up mostly at 2:30?. At first, it was if like you were lost. I remember you would talk to yourself every single day. You made this creepy weird food every day since the accident, like beans with burnt eggs, which you scooped with stale bread and other things.

I remember you would pretend to do things like go to school, walk to the park or even watch TV. You made mom and dad fight a lot, almost every single day. Elliot had fights with mom,dad about you how you would take his things and what you did to him when he was a kid. I was furious at you for what you did to mom, dad, Elliot, Alexa and especially me. You use to take me to places I have never been at.

I remember when you had brutal fights with my dad and Elliot. To conclude, I also remember you tried to kidnap me and you kept saying, “Let Andrew stay from school” or you’ll say “Let Ronald stay home from school ”and I did but,I hid from you because you were going to kidnap me. You commited a lot of crimes like man slaughter,murder,stealing a paramedics vehicle and a grand theft auto. I forgotten that you were in jail for a week because you came to the house and we had a restraining order against you.

You changed us all in a way because you made dad leave us to his home country El Salvador because he was tired of fighting with you and everybody else. Unfortunately, Elliot dropped out of high school to help pay the rent. In addition, Alexa moved to Las Vegas because she didn’t want to live in Los Angeles any more and mom is still the same. I remember we had to call the police like six times because you fought with dad twice, fought with Elliot three times, and other is when you almost fought with Elliot but, dad came in to stop it. Maybe you will be a better person you’re back to normal.

In conclusion, I became furious and sorry because of all the stuff you have done to the family and all the problems you caused for us and you. Years later, I’ve let the problems go away. I also notice maybe it wasn’t your fault because maybe destiny may the crash happen. Now,you’re in a mental hospital in San Luis Obispo and you are taking your pills. Hope you get better later on and to accomplish your goals when you get better.

The author's comments:
This is about a family member who went crazy after a accident

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