When You Know It's Wrong

February 18, 2011
By Anonymous

I remember my first time jacking something at 7 years old. One day on vacation, I looked at the sky and saw grey clouds. It looked like it might rain. My friend Anthony was tall, he had long hair and crooked teeth. He and I were hanging out all day. We got bored and we started playing soccer in the parking lot of my aunt’s house, which was a really empty because all the owners were at work. I remember that day you were working as my aunt took care of me and my sister.

My aunt, Lucia, took care of us when you and my step dad were at work. My Auntie was watching us play soccer. Afterwards, she went inside her big house to answer the phone.

Then, Anthony told me, “Hey, Eric, let’s go for ride.”

I responded, “Alright, then, let’s go.”

We rode our bikes slowly in front of my aunts house, didn’t see her.

Then, Anthony said, with a deep voice, “Hey, let’s go for a ride down Pico.”

Once we got to Bonnie Brae, we noticed a liquor store.

Anthony asked me, “Hey, Eric, are you down to steal something?”

I replied smoothly, “Of course, I am!”

Looking back, I think I told my friend that I was down to jack something because I wanted him to think that I was cool.

After that, we left our bikes outside the liquor store and we went inside. Anthony started talking to the lady to distract her. All of a sudden, I opened the refrigerator with the ice coffees. One of the many thoughts I had in my head were to check if someone was on back of the mirrors or if their were new modern cameras watching me. I looked around three times and I saw no cameras or anybody looking at me so I got the ice coffee and then PAM.! I slammed the refrigerator doors. I started running outside quickly like a cheetah running for its prey.

My friend also started running and he screamed, “SH--.! we’re going to get in trouble.” When I was outside the liquor store I saw that both of our bikes were gone. I didn’t want to know what would happen when my mom came home

In that moment, I screamed really loud, Why,? Why,? but I didn't really care because I knew that if I stopped I was going to get caught by the lady. I ran to the other side of the side block. I just drank a little bit of the iced coffee and I left running because I was scared that my parents were going to find out or the lady from the liquor store was going to call the cops on me and I was going to be in jail for the rest of my life. I was going to my aunts house and Anthony was going to his house.

As soon as I got inside, my aunt asked me with a calm voice, “Hey is everything okay.”

I replied with an worried and shivering voice, “Yeah everything is okay.”

My aunt knew something had gone wrong because I looked suspicious. It was about to be 5:00p.m. and my mom and stepdad were about to come home from work. I was thinking about my blue bike because if my mom found out that they had stolen my bike she was going be really mad.

My aunt asked me, “Hey, Eric ¿quieres ir a la tienda conmigo?”

My aunt ask me, “Hey, Eric you want to go to the store with me?”

I told her, “No, me siento mal.”

I told her, “No, I fill bad.”

She replied, “Okay, pues.”

She replied, “Okay then.”

Once she asked me that I was thinking that the store owners were going to tell her that I had stolen an ice coffee. Moments later, she went to the liquor store and when she came back she told me that they had told her what had happened. The people from the store knew it was me because I had been living there for several years and the lady from the store knew my aunt really well because they were friends.

I just stayed quite because I was ashamed of what I had done. I felt guilty. Even though I didn’t want my parents to come home fast, sooner or later she had to come home. To my surprise, my mom came home early because there wasn’t a lot of work. My aunt told her what had happened.

Soon enough, my mom told me with a mad voice, “Go with me to the liquor to see how we could fix the problem that you created.”

Minutes later, I apologize and then my mom told me to go home and that she and the lady were going to see how they were going to fix the problem. When I got home all I thought about was what was going to happen. My mom came home one hour later with my bike and my friend Anthony's bike calmly because they had fix the problem. The man from the liquor had taken our bikes because he had heard my friend Anthony tell me if I was down to jack something.

To conclude, for all the people that are out there, that day I really learned my lesson to not jack something or try to do something that is not good just to look cool in front of your friends. I Also learned that karma actually exists because I stole a coffee and the owner from the store took my bike. The owner from the store made me learn my lesson by showing me that what ever goes around comes around. . . . q2se

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