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The Race

February 12, 2011
By tyster10 PLATINUM, Lawrenceville, Georgia
tyster10 PLATINUM, Lawrenceville, Georgia
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Vrrm, Vrrm. My car purrs as I pull into first place of the 2084, cross-country tournament. My car, the beauty called Mautson 7, is now in the lead. The race has been going on for 3 days now. The finish is a little less than one day from me. After two hours of battling past the Robo Twins (or as I call them, The Robo Twerps) I have finally gotten back into the lead. Bam! “Oh No!” I yell, “The Robo Twins are back and they just rammed me!” Time to get even with them. I press a special button on my dashboard that releases every driver’s worst nightmare… oil slick! “Yes!” I yell victoriously as the Twins slide and eventually crash with a big BOOM! Two more miles I say to myself. Two more miles to the finish. BOOM! My car screeches to a halt as my front tires blow. A tack track! As I try to drive on my metal front rims, which used to be my tires, the twins pass me and purr towards the finish, which I can now see, less than a mile away. “NO!” I yell. That is when I get an idea. I quickly go to my trunk, grab my flair gun, aim, shoot, and BOOM! I have just shot the twins motor. Now the finish is all mine. I drive on my rims proudly, too gather my solid gold trophy and 2,000 credits for my reward. I WON!

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