am who i am

February 2, 2011
i am who i am noone else. i try to be the way i want to be. i see myself different than others yet i still feel as tho i am one lost in a crowd. i trust my heart my soul my mind and myself. noone can change me for i do not wish to be changed. yet i see nothing special about me. yet others do. i am just my normal self. which i shall always be till the day death takes a ferm grap on me and pulls me away from where i am now. i am who i am noone more noone less. take me as i am or leave me to be. i walk a path i've desided to go with out looking back i shall keep my pace weither you walk with me is up to you. i go were my heart leads and hopes for the best. hard to believe a girl with a awful past looks forwaard to a brighter life that noone can hide or keep from her. i am who i am withh you walk with me.

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