My Enemy

February 7, 2011
By Anonymous

Bam ,bam yeah dude you got that s.o.b cool head shot, hey man what time is it? He replies dude it’s 9:30 pm oh wow “well I guess I’m going home later guys” my friend runs up to me leaving his ball of friends he tells me “hey man do you want me to walk you home its pretty dark?” I reply no its cool I’m a big boy he laughs and says alright well see you tomorrow. I head out into the dark night the moon visible in its half crescent shape the clouds hiding it in their puffiness I walk to the light my house or place I have to call home is only about two miles away it’s a good walk. I am standing there and an ambulance cries by with a police siren behind and they wail off into the night.

The screams they can be heard from the neighbors house across the street as this man with the face and anger of a thousand devils beats this woman who did not deserve it but gets it because he feels she does. A boy lying in his room defenseless and only 16 could do more but was asked to stay out. This man who beats this lady is my father or man I am condemned to call dad by day and enemy by night, this sweet lady who runs the house is my mother who gets beat mercilessly until he gets tired then arrives the silence and the tears. But I come back to reality and wipe the tears from my eyes, the light says go and I cross the air is cold it gives me the shivers a homeless man is digging through a trash can I approach him and give him some spare change he smiles back with only four teeth I reply have a good night. I am almost home when I see a cop pull over a young Hispanic teen over and checks him then he start beating him with the night stick, the poor teen cries out into the night please! Please stop I didn’t do anything wrong! the cop replies you did you came to this country! I stop in shock behind a liquor store I don’t know what to do jump in or leave him I can’t let another human being get beat for no reason. So I jump in I push the cop off the kid and kick the crap the kid out of the cop run to the kid no older than I and pick him up put him on my shoulders and run I don’t know where I didn’t care. We hide In an alley way I ask him are you okay he replies in heavy breathing yes thanks back there yeah no problem, okay so can you walk? Yeah I can ok let’s get you home we walk in the darkest parts trying to avoid the light. We get to his house and I drop him off literally I carried him all the way because he couldn’t walk on his own, he open the door it creaks as if crying out for some grease before he steps in he walk up to me and shakes my hand and says thank you and he hugs me as if he had not seen me for years I hug him back because I guess that’s what he wanted he lets go and I let go and I said that anyone would have jumped in. well later take care I walk it feels late but the adrenaline rush was good so its keeping me awake.

I arrive home the house is dark I walk in my enemy who stares at me from the kitchen glaring with eyes like hot coals that burn through my very soul. He yells at me do you know what time is! I reply what do you care you probably took advantage that I wasn’t here to beat my mom! He gets up and just chuckles and exits through the back door. Where are you going you coward huh leaving to go drink your beer with your stupid friends? I hear the door open this time I am 18 he runs to me tackles me tacking me to the floor, breaking me through the coffee table beating me in the face screaming I am no coward! I man gage t o push him off and stand up well what kind of coward beats a woman huh? He stays silent my mother walks in my enemy screams at her to stay out she obeys but I get the chance to tackle him and I take it. Pushing him to the floor, pounding him in the face until my knuckles bleed I get up and start stomping on his ribs till I hear a crack sirens sound in the distance and get louder until they stop in front of the house my mother walks in asking what have you done? I respond I gave him what he deserved; the cops knock on the door I say come in that do and pick my enemy from the ground unconscious, they handcuff him and they question me and I tell them about everything they take him away and we haven’t seen him since I hug my mom and say its over this hell is finally over.

The author's comments:
well this piece was taken from an account of i really cant say who but this was a story a combination of this persons life and my life at home. wha would i like u to take from this is well that if you are going through a similar situation know that your not alone

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This article has 2 comments.

emar said...
on Feb. 15 2011 at 4:48 pm
cant say but that your an amazing writter and i;m expecting more great pecies from you......

on Feb. 15 2011 at 10:30 am
I know who this is,and you know who you are,  I LOVE reading your poems and I know that this is just the start of all your many awesome pieces to come .


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