Who I Once Was

February 1, 2011
I used to be an observer, you know? I looked carefully for little details, not the big picture. My mom said I’d make a great lawyer, always looking for little details.

I used to be happy, you know? I would always smile and laugh. My sister told me I day never passed when I wasn’t smiling.

I used to be a perfectionist, you know? I tried so hard to perfect. Everything thing I did had to be right. My aunt told me if one little thing was wrong, I’d start all over at whatever project I was making.

I used to be outgoing, you know? I was always creative with the way I expressed myself. My grandma told me no one could ever compare to how I was going about things.

I used to be in love, you know? Every since you, my world was better. Then you told me it was over. Just like that. You said you had moved on, found someone else, and I would be history.

I used to be myself, until you brought me down and I didn’t have the strength to pick myself up.

I once was an observer, I once was happy, a perfectionist, outgoing, in love. I once was myself, you know? Maybe you don’t know, but I am none of those things today. None. Zero. Zip.

I used to be a girl, you know? A girl who only wanted someone she could count on. I bet you didn’t know that.

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