You're My Obsession

February 1, 2011
By ThinkingOfYouu BRONZE, Gasburg, Virginia
ThinkingOfYouu BRONZE, Gasburg, Virginia
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When I turned 13, something started happening. Suddenly, when boys noticed me and started hitting on me, I wasn't nervous or embarrassed... I kinda liked it, and still do. Early that summer, i had my first actual boyfriend and my first actual kiss. He said amazingly nice things to me, which made me want to be with him even more. We soon had to end it because school ended and we barely saw eachother as much as we used to. I was devastated...

Anyway, I don't know if that relationship started it, but every boy I liked after that I had an obsession over.
I would ask all our mutual friends about him. Sometimes, I would even befriend his close friends just to know EVERYTHING. After every text i replied to him, i would constantly go back and forth from my wallpaper to the last message I sent, just waiting for him to text back. If he didn't text back within five minutes, I would resend the message, just to make sure he got it. I would stalk his Facebook page to see if he was talking to any girls, or commenting on any of their pictures.

I was, well, obsessed...

The author's comments:
I dunno if this is normal

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