That night

January 14, 2011
By breannaluvsu SILVER, Everton, Arkansas
breannaluvsu SILVER, Everton, Arkansas
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we cling to the hope that one day it will be behind us.The pain,the tears,the rain,the restless years.Still it seems so far away.Like it will be eternity before we can get it.Side by side,hand in hand we struggle to reach the end of this dark tunnel.It's like we can see the light but can't quite reach it.I cry out from the physical pain that i could possibly lose you.It's like a thousand little knives stuck in my heart.I can't move,I'm perilyzed by the thought of not having you there to help me.It just won't leave us alone.The memory of it appears everywhere we go.We don't want to keep hurting each other...we never did.I want to forget it,the whole thing,but that seems impossible now.It done more damage that we could possibly imagine.We will forever walk around with invisible scars on our hearts.We will never forget any of that night.We will never forget any of that night.We both know it.We no longer fully trust each other.It obviously opened our eyes to temptation.It's going to be hard.Were going to fight over this a lot.I'm willing to try my best to get over this.Although I can't do it by myself.I need your help so this is me asking for it.I love you and don't want to have to let you go.

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