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Good time with video games

January 19, 2011
By bkraft46 SILVER, Bayport, New York
bkraft46 SILVER, Bayport, New York
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When you walk into your room and grasp the video game controller with your two hands and place your thumbs on the analog sticks with the rubber grip, you know you’re about to have fun. Every day of the week my friend and I, Pat, walk home together because we are neighbors. But every Monday and Thursday we go to his house and have a complete video game session. If you don’t know what that is I will explain. A complete video game session to me is when you have a couple of friends over and play video games for a couple hours straight. But at least after that we play something that includes exercise, football. The video game my friends and I usually play is “Halo Reach” or “Modern Warfare 2”. We would usually start with campaign mode which is the main story line of the game and his the most difficult part. It constructs of various enemys and different geological features like glaciers, mountains, oceans and even sometimes towns that are destroyed. To the people who play video games often, these are known as “maps.” After completing some of the campaign mode we would move on to multiplayer matchmaking. This is when people from all over the world play together in one game on the same map to score points to earn your next ranking in the game, diferent rankings give you different weapons and they are usually better than the previous level ones. People get really frustrated during this part of the day. We usually push each other around when one another kills each other. And sometimes theres the usual cursing at someone on the other side of the globe over the little headset we receive in the box of the game console. At the end of these rough battles I usually turn out being the victor. At the end of the day when we just want to kill some little alien creatures, we move on to the game mode called “firefight”. When you first press the start button on the screen a deep voice is heard saying “firefight!” in a deep voice, and then the war starts between alien and human. It could last up to 4 hours of playing, if your that good, I never have but im sure there are people out there who definitely have.

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