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January 18, 2011
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We all have that single sanctuary, that one place where we can escape to to find tranquility within our own being. For me that place is deep within the woods. I treasure the mystery of never knowing what is hidden behind the branches of the hundreds of hospitable giants. It is easy to lose oneself among the sounds of freshly fallen leaves rustling in the brisk breeze, the smell of the Pine, or soft chirping of the Steller’s jay. I find peace in my solidarity surrounded by nature, but I am never truly alone. There is always someone that I can express my deepest of emotions with, and they will listen without a shred of judgment. There is always someone bigger and stronger to lean on, and I know that no matter how great a burden I may carry with me it will never be enough to overpower their strength. Out there I find an endless abundance of life and excitement. My body is always seeking to discover new stretches of this seemingly endless environment, and it never tires from the exploration. I forever wish to spend many seasons here. Feel the change in the earth around me, as I too feel changes deep within my soul. Its as if we are connected. I have surrendered myself to its power. I see its natural beauty behind closed eyes. This forest has put me in a trance that is beyond awakening, and I never wish to escape the hold it has on me. One day I hope I share with others the wisdom that this majestic land has shown me. Never do I want to forget the serene feeling I get when I am on my own in the woods, but as I said, I’m never truly alone. And as I have learned on countless occasions “In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.” ~ John Muir

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