Day by day

January 23, 2011
Day by Day. I just wanted to say. How I loved you, in this way. How I loved you. I’ve always wanted to see your reaction when I say this, to you. But now, it’s too late. I can never see you…again. I can never ever see your face. I’ll never ever see your gorgeous eyes. Again. Not even your little snorted laugh. Or dashing smile of yours. Again.

Day by day. I’d want to see your face. Whenever I do, my stomach sprouts out butterflies. And this weird tingle in my …heart. I’d redden whenever I see your freckled face. But when these days are passing by. When your life is set, you go. Without truly saying goodbye. And I never got the chance. To say, how I loved you. I feel sorry though, that I wouldn’t know if you did too.

So I pass by, trying to forget you. Trying so hard to forget you. I let it in now, so no one would ever know. How I truly I felt about you. When I pass by, the days turn into years. And I reluctantly go along with them. But day by day, I’d always remember you… and your heart.

Day by day. I wait and wait for you. To find someone other than you, to be in your place in my heart. But you couldn’t be replaced, for you were apart of my heart. But on a late full moon night. I see you there, the whiteness of the moon reflecting off you. You were standing there so perfectly. Visions of you came flashing by. Of your face. Laugh. Eyes. Smile. The whole being of you. Your all grown up now, but is the same as ever. Still gorgeous, that I see.

My stomach is starting to sprout out butterflies. And that weird tingle… in my heart has come back from all these years. And now here’s the chance to say, how I loved you. That moment, this moment has finally come. To this day, from day by day. This day, is here to stay.

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El Chino said...
Mar. 14, 2011 at 9:58 am
Looking at your work I see a young Sandra Cisneros . I would like to see you explore more on other subjects. See what else makes you creative. You are finding your voice and I feel this is only a piece of what is to come. Play around and explore... you might surprise yourself . 
RisingMomoM.R. said...
Feb. 14, 2011 at 4:51 pm
I love this piece!! It reflects so much emotion
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