Cowards Have One Thing In Common

January 29, 2011
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your such a coward, you can hit a girl but i bet u wont hit a man your size, a loud wail woke me up i opened my door to see my mom getting pulled by her hair. Hey stop hitting' my mommy let her go i scream and yell in hopes that he can realize the mistake he made but it was like he was stuck in his own world pulling her hair and beating her till she was barely there, when i look back on it i wish i was older so i could of fought back for my mom it hurts me knowing that happened and i couldn't do anything about it having that experience made me stronger and realize how strong my mom is and from that day forward i always sleep with a weapon near just in case the next coward thinks he can hurt my mom again he got another thing coming i was too young last tI'me to help but now I'm old enough to fight back and i will till i get my anger and vengeance out on the next coward ugh i spit in disgust that someone would,could and is stupid enough to hit a woman where was your mother when you were growing up because you obviously haven't heard the saying don't hit a girl, but you your just another coward in jail for one mistake how stupid do you feel now.

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