December 17, 2010
By Anonymous

Why does life go by so fast, end so abruptly? When i close my eyes, time speeds up and I find that so many things have changed, since before I had closed them.
I am that much older, that much closer to death. I am also that much smarter, and that much more alone.
Life is just an hour glass, you never know when your time'll run out. Its easy for people to say not to thinlk about dieing, and live your life as if its your last day. But the question remains; "When"ll my time run out?"
I am to young to die, but old enough to go. I do not fear death itself, but beyond that. Where do you really go when you die? Saying there isnt a "God", no "Heaven", what elce is there?
I'm afraid of leaving behind my loved ones. Im so scared of hurting them. Though, as scared as I may be... The next time I close my eyes, might just be the very last.

The author's comments:
This one was inspired by a dream I had. It made me think about death... And voila, this poem was created.

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