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leap of faith

December 16, 2010
By Anonymous

I was watching TV when my cousin and brother asked me if I wanted to go out side, they had a little grin on their face. I said “yes” and I thought to myself what are they going to do to me? I hope it’s not bad? Shortly after I fallowed them to the back yard. Immediately my brother started to stare at the tree with fright. I was shocked to see, that my older brother was scared. Before anything else happened my cousin Albert said “Ken, want to finish what we started last night?” (Ken is my brother). Ken didn’t say anything, all he did was nod. I thought to myself again, why is my brother scared? What did they do last night? I hope what they are doing, won’t involve me? At the time my mom and dad were not home, they were out shopping, and my sister was at a friend’s house. Therefore they have at least 10 to 15 minutes left until my parents come back. My cousin at the time was 20 years old, my brother was 13 years old and I was only 10. Then Albert walked toward the tree and told Ken to climb it again and he would catch him. But that’s when I noticed there was a plank of wood on the tree. It was about a story and a half high. By then, I had an idea what they were about to do. For that reason I kept my mouth shut and hoped that they wouldn’t ask me to do it. But once my brother got up on the plank of wood he chickened out. He kept saying “Albert I know your going to drop me. I’m not doing this again.” After that it felt like someone else force the words to come out of my mouth. “Wow Ken you’re a girl! Want to watch a pro do this?” I said. My brother answered “Ha! You don’t have the guts.” I looked at my cousin and he was just smiling and then he said “Come on Rodger, you can do it. I will catch you.” I don’t know what made me do it but I started to climb the tree. I needed a little help from my cousin to get up but once I was up their brother hurried down. I think he did that so he couldn’t get forced to do it after I was done. I got to the edge of the wood and turned around so my back was to them and I was staring at the house. I stared to lean back then I leaned back forward and ask myself, what if Albert doesn’t catch me? Would I die or have to go to the hospital? If he dropped me and I survived would I be able to still hang out with him or would my mom not invite him over again? What would my mom think about this? Would she approve? I knew she wouldn’t. Then out of know where I heard my moms car pull up to the drive way. It was now or never. I chose never. At least my brain did but my body said something else because at that moment I leaned back and I was now falling for my life. I wanted to scream but I knew I couldn’t because my parents are in the front yard and they would here me. While I was in mid air I felt the breeze go through my hair. I saw my life flashing before me. I felt the blood rush to my head; I knew my face turned red. I wished I never did this stupid thing in the first place. I also wished I can be in my bed where I was safe. What felt like an hour was only seconds. Out of know where I felt two large hands go into my shoulders then my legs. He caught me! He actually caught me! I had to be a foot away from the ground, a foot away from death. But there was no time to talk about what I just did because my dad was calling us to go help him put the groceries in the house. We rushed to go help. We never did get a chance to talk about what happened that day again until a year ago when my brother found a video tape. “Ken what is on the tape?” I asked my brother. He laughed and said “remember that day when Albert was over and you jumped off the tree?” I answered “Yeah, did you get that on tape?” “No but the night before when everyone was sleeping Albert and I went out side and did it. I jumped off it and Albert caught me. But I wasn’t like you. I had padding! Hahaha” my brother told me. I was shocked to here that my brother did it the night before I did and that he had pads on when he did it, and I didn’t.

The author's comments:
it inspired me to make better dicitions.

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