A Week Or So

January 26, 2011
By Qbaby BRONZE, Valrico, Florida
Qbaby BRONZE, Valrico, Florida
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The day had not been what i hoped.Six minutes and thirty seven it took to expain. I had already felt it coming. I told myself i was prepared, but never have i been so wrong "A week or so" .. not a week i was looking forward to. i guess i should've seen this coming. things werent feeling the same and if it wasnt one thing, than it was another. My hope was that they'd see how great we were together and take me back. We decided there as no faults, no one was to blame. The words were out and i was speechless. The tears fell from my face in what seemed to be a conglomeration. what was next? where were we to go from here? i could still smell her on my pillow as i layed my head down. within seconds my pillow become a cradle to tears. my mind wondered in too many different directions, that it gave me a headache. it got so bad that i couldnt even sleep, all that was left for me to do was drown in my tears as i drifted to sleep.

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