Safety in Drag Racing

January 25, 2011
By Nickqt BRONZE, Seffner, Florida
Nickqt BRONZE, Seffner, Florida
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It can be fun but very crazy. Ever since i was a little child my Dad would take me to the drag strip every Friday night to watch him go racing. It didn't matter if he lost first round or the final round it was amazing to be out there every week watching all the cars go down the track. Some were really crappy but some were awesome to look at. One night it all changed. When i was eight years old my Dad's best friend went down the track and halfway down the track his car flipped and rolled over. He didn't make it. He passed away before we got him to the hospital. It turns out that he didn't wear his fire suit or paints along with his helmet when he made that pass down the track. Now every week when we go to the track we always pray for me before we make our first run down the drag strip. Everyday we talk to kids about safety when driving ethier on the street or on the track to make sure they have all the necessary things to bed safe while on the road.

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