Depression Sucks

January 24, 2011
By megs12334 BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
megs12334 BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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Depression sucks and everyone knows it. People usually keep it to themselves and that’s not the best thing to do. No one wants to share how they feel especially if it will affect everyone else. Most people in the world with depression won’t tell anyone that they are going through this and during their seclusion they suffer even more. 80% of people with depression might not want or can’t get help with their problem.

I can’t sleep. I can’t be happy hanging out with my friends. I feel like I’m all alone. Do you or anyone you know feel this way? If they are then they might be depressed. It is possible that they really don’t know that this is a bad feeling to have. They probably think that they are just sad or that they just might be a little down. It is always the same with everyone. They never think that they are depressed but then it gets so bad that something happens where others might get depressed because of them. Most people won’t share how they feel so then no one will know that anyone feels this way. Don’t keep this from anyone! This is not a secret to keep to yourself! Everyone will be affected from this. This is not a safe secret to keep.

Parents are always getting into their kid’s business. It’s true for everyone. But it’s good for them to do that because then they might figure out that you are feeling depressed. They will help and they won’t bug you about it. They are the best thing to go to. They will try to help without a doctors help and usually it’s the best choice for most families. There is no reason to try and keep a secret from your parents because they will find out sooner or later. They will try and get you to do different things to get you to get rid of your depression. Parents are the best resource.

Doctors aren’t the worst thing in the world to do. They can really help and they aren’t afraid to talk. That’s the same for therapists. You might think that since your going to the therapists that people are calling you crazy. That is really not true. If anyone tells a person that is going to therapy that they are crazy, that person is a big bully. No one is crazy going to therapy. Those doctors aren’t as bad as people think they are.

If anyone you know and love feels really sad and is being just a downer, they might be depressed. They should come out with it if they haven’t yet. It would be the smartest thing to do if they don’t know what to do. They deserve the help and if you feel this way then so do you. Suicide is not an option for anyone. Catch the depression before it becomes even close to thoughts of suicide. Depression sucks for anyone.

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i actually feel depressed and i went to my mom about it and she was really supportive. also i had a cousin that was depresse and he never told anyone. hetook his own life a year before the columbine shooting.

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