At the Mall

January 20, 2011
By Anonymous

A giant monster that sucks your money day and night. A place, where people shop and shop and never ever stop. A place, were you can’t rest, visit the food court and back to spending money you made. I step into the door and see three women running down the hall. They are running to the sale section. Coats, gloves, shirts, all sold at discount price. The cash register is the monsters little mouth money comes and dose not come out Then I leave the store and enter the main part of the mall. When I am walking through the hall I feel like I am surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of trap doors. Stores and shops with many items all sold at different prices. Makes you want to just walk in and spend all of your money. In every store there is a salesman sitting, waiting, like a horrifying monster stalking his prey, and when a costumer comes in, he attack and eats all the money in the person’s wallet.

Finally, I reach my destination. The video game store is my favorite location. They sell games of great variety, at prices that a kid could afford with his allowance. The store has demos for you to play; kids and adults try out games and buy some for their liking. Then as I am purchasing the game I like, the salesmen asks me if I want to subscribe to some discount card. Then the horror starts, with the card he wants me to buy some more stuff. I refuse and tell him that I do not have the money, he tells me that’s ok and gives me freedom from his powerful money vacuum.

I walk out of the store feeling like I should spend more. But I knew that I will not get money for some time. Then I am walking to the front exit, I am almost their, just a couple more seconds, but then I see a massive food place right next to me. I try to hold myself from going inside, then I tell myself maybe just a look to see what they have, the next minute I am placing a sandwich in my mouth. My taste buds are as energetic as a person who just won the lottery; they are excited to get such amazing combination of taste in my mouth. I finally leave with a lot of satisfaction. My wallet empty as space, absolutely nothing for thousands of miles. Sometimes the occasional chunk of rock floating around. Then as I enter my mom’s car, I realize that I was a victim of the evil salesmen who were attacking me like mosquitoes biting a lonely hiker.

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