When I Got Help

January 20, 2011
By nick. BRONZE, Elmwood, Wisconsin
nick. BRONZE, Elmwood, Wisconsin
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There were mutipuil times when I got help from my dad, friends and even my brothers. Times when I got the tractor stuck, needed help unloading hay, and lots of other stuff when it broke down.

It all started on the week of my birthday in June. We had 40 Acers of hay left to cut and bale in one week. So then on Sunday I went out and started to cu some of the hay.wel after about an hour and a half I hit a rock with the discbine. Then it wasn’t cutting right, so I got out of the tractor and took a look at it and I was missing a knife. Then I got out all the tools I need to fix it but I couldn’t find the right kind of knife, so I called up dad and told him. About 5 minutes later, when he finely got out here I was still trying to get the old one off. Cause when the rock hit it skimmed the bolt an striped the nut. So then dad tried and he couldn’t get it either. So we took it in and got it fixed and I got aback to cutting.

Then later in the week we were baling what I had cut, and Jason was baling. Then it was Gunnar, josh and me up in the haymow mowing hay and Aaron and my ant were unloading. That was at least a good 1500 bale day. Then the next day we had a lot of problems. The motor on the elevator kept overheating. Then later that day we ended up taking the motor off, witch required at least 2 people to do it because it was at least 10 feet from the hay yet. So by the next day we got it back up and running.

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