I lost my Everything

January 13, 2011
By JanelMont BRONZE, Malone, New York
JanelMont BRONZE, Malone, New York
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I'm a girl who's almost 17.. Yeah I may not know much about life.. But theen again I have lets start at thee beginning.. It was a new school year at Branson High School i was in 10the grade theere I had everytheing!! I had thee best friends,thee best family, a great job, and I can just say everytheing was going my way and theen one morning my motheer got a call saying theat her aunt had died.. She want to New York and all of theat stuff for like a week and I didn't know what to feel cause I didn't know theat aunt really well.. But I felt really sad cause when my motheer told me it was on thee bus and when I got off it kinda hit me and theen i started to play my music on my ipod.. Music is like a get away for me I enjoy it so so much!! But when I was heading home it felt like life was gonna change.. It sure did when my motheer came back home I guess when see went back to her hometown she wanted to go back.. I didn't know what to do i really wanted to stay but I guess I had to saying or voice in thee convo. and theen like 2 weeks later my fatheer got a call saying his brotheer in-law had died theen again I didn't know home theat much eitheer sadly... But my fatheer also went to New York during thee week we were going to move.. Let rewind a little before my dads brotheer in-laws deathe.. When my motheer came home she said she wants to go back to New York. It felt like my head wanted to drop i so didn't want theis but theen again I'm only 16 what can i say?? It was really hard to tell my friend I was leaving it broke my heart cause theey mean thee world to me.. Now fast ford to my life now.. I'm in New York and I hate it I want my own life back.. I had everytheing..

The author's comments:
I've lost my everything and I feel alone I need to get back.

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