The Car

January 13, 2011
By sonik293 BRONZE, Saint Louis Park, Minnesota
sonik293 BRONZE, Saint Louis Park, Minnesota
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One normal day I was walking along the road as I was walking I noticed this one weird dressed kid as I was starring he dropped his cell phone I went to go pick it up and give it to him but he disappeared so I decided that I keep it. Right when I opened the phone I felt a shock in my hand which was really painful. Then the next day I felt really sick I was sweating all over I decided to go to the hospital but they could not find anything wrong with me. But the next day the pain was all gone I thought it was weird so I decided to forget. Then I noticed my eye sight was much clearer then my sense of smell was stronger and my sense of touch would shock people and my sense of taste was much stronger and my sense of hearing was loud and clear. I thought it was all weird then I noticed that phone that shocked me actually gave me super powers it increased my five senses. So the next day in school I used my five senses to cheat at school I copied other peoples work with my super sharp eyes this five sense thing was the greatest thing that happen in my life. But one day it got out of hand the five senses kept increasing my hearing was so loud it got irritating my eyes where so sharp I can see through anything and my sense of taste got to strong and every time I touch people it shocks them. I wanted to find a way to get rid of it but I could not find a way I wanted to commit suicide but I thought of the phone and checked it. The phone actually had a guide but I could not understand the language so I looked for the owner of the phone could not find him so right when I was about to quite I saw him across the road chased after him he thought I was going to attack him so he ran so I yelled am not going to hurt you so he stopped. We talked a little bit I told him everything that happened he said he can find a way to undo everything I told him how he said you need to mix a lot of herbs and drink it. I told him what kind of herbs he said first of all you need is cleavers I told him what are cleavers? He said cleavers are found in woods and along streams. It is a viney sort of wildflower. And he said you also need Slippery Elm I told him okay and I got both of them and mixed them and drunk the herbs at first everything felt weird my eyes went dim and then everything went back to normal.

The author's comments:
I always liked writing short stories

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