Just a Way of Life

January 12, 2011
By Anonymous

The hardship of being adopted is not bad compared to the life that foster kids go through so they can have the chance to be adopted. To get loving parents is a gift. Many children take their parents for granted even if they are split up because they do not know the feeling of having no one to take care of them.
I have lived through the situation of being a foster child and being adopted. The feeling of abandonment never goes away. I know there are people out in the world that do love me, but there is always a doubt that someone will leave me behind and not care.
I give my heart out to the children who are in foster homes that may never get adopted. I am really happy that I was adopted, but at the same time, I feel bad for the kids who are still waiting. Uncertainty is a horrible feeling and most of these kids feel that until the day that their adoptive parents take them home.
Some children will never be adopted and that is just a fact of life. They will be transferred from home to home until they are kicked out at the age of eighteen. These young adults have been challenged their entire childhood and they will continually be challenged until they die.
The good things about foster homes is that it gives hope to those kids that want to get adopted. Children always seem to have hope and these homes drive their anxiousness to be part of a family. They more they want to be adopted, they will most likely be adopted.

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