I dream....as do you

January 10, 2011
By Katie_Potatie PLATINUM, Leavenworth, Kansas
Katie_Potatie PLATINUM, Leavenworth, Kansas
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When you close your eyes, whether it be for a second or a whole night, you dream. You dream of your future, your past, your thoughts, your wishes, your beliefs, and anything else that might have just popped in your brain for just a moment. I dream of many things, as does everyone in the world. I dream of selfish things like a successful future in writing and to have enough money to support my family, but I also dream of selfless things like the beginning of world peace and the end of world hunger. I dream about dying and dream about living. I dream of the uncomparable beauty of nature and one day being perfect. I dream of finding the perfect person for me and I dream for pure happiness. I dream of friendships lasting and true love being true. I dream of being everything I want to be and everything everyone else wants me to be. I dream of being that girl who makes no mistakes and lives a perfect life even though I know it’s simply impossible. I dream of growing up and I dream of being little. I dream of never hurting anyone again and never being hurt. I dream of telling my life story one day and hoping someone will relate to it. I dream of having everything I’ve ever wanted, but making sure that everyone else has what they want first. I dream of winter not being cold and summer not being hot. I dream of someday leaving Kansas, but I dream of always holding it close to my heart. I dream of dreams. I dream of anything you could ever think of, but most importantly, I dream. I am human and I dream.

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Just a thought. =)

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